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poster_workshop_epublishing_berlinerpool.jpgAre you looking for a grant, a residency or a project support in fine arts?

mondaynews | an info base for artists, curators and cultural operators which provides a list of international open calls and art events via a weekly newsletter service based on a daily updated website. We are temporary on hold structuring new platform. More details soon!

During our work at mondaynews we met people who do a great job in supporting the artists and art projects. Here you can find them and check their activities.

ARTWert-Selbständig in der Kulturwirtschaft - training in culturepreneurial skills for freelance artists in Berlin

artists in residence ch
 - Group of Interest

Berliner Gazette - die vernetzte Zeitung

Berliner Netzwerk freier Projekträume und -Initiativen


Call for - Listing of awards, prizes, concepts, competitions, exhibitions, festivals, participations, entries, submissions, which do not require a fee from you in order to participate.

CREATIVE CITY BERLIN - Portal for the cultural sector and the creative industries

Creative Service Center Pankow - support to start-up entrepreneurs and existing companies in the creative industries

Fakultæt Null - a nomadic, parasitic anti-institution, temporarily implanted in the University of Arts Berlin.

Kulturmanagement Network

oberlist - information gateway for arts and culture from Moldova

On the Move - cultural mobility information network


>top e.V. - Verein zur Förderung kultureller Praxis

Trans Artists - artist in residence guide

WOOLOO - Where artsts find open calls.

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